Lobster, street food style.

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Welcome to LOBSTA

  • At LOBSTA, you can enjoy wild-caught lobster any time. Our lobster is freshly prepared and accompanied by French wine and craft beer.


  • LOBSTA is a celebration of the essentials: high-quality ingredients in a menu that varies from healthy to gourmet.


  • LOBSTA is a high-end street food experience, cuisine with a soul and a history, served in a warm and welcoming environment.
    Come in to experience our quality service and share a moment you won’t soon forget.

freshness and flavor

Delicious and authentic

Our Lobster Rolls

From 18€

Lobster meat served in a handmade brioche bun, toasted and buttered with Isigny butter from Normandy. If you’re a lobster lover, come try one of our regular rolls or specials and delight your palate!

Our Jacket Potatoes

From 20€

A generous potato cooked in its skin and topped with lobster. Creamy, gourmet ingredients are added… A must-try!

Our salads

From 15€

Want something fresh? With or without King Lobster but always delicious, come in and try one of our salads.


What people are saying

Very good, tasty, gourmet, copious. Very clean and welcoming atmosphere. We will happily eat here again.

Jennifer G.

Very good quality lobster sandwich made right in front of you. Special mention for the bread they use, it’s nothing like store-bought bread! The service was really fast. The menu features different sandwiches regularly.

Jean-Marc M.

Very good lobster roll served in a nice, elegant atmosphere.
Delicious bread, a delight for the taste buds!

Marc D.

They cook lobster for you and it’s good!
Yes, 1 roll costs 20 euros, but it’s really good! I can’t wait to come have brunch on a Saturday morning. Reservations recommended!”

Marie-Hélène P.