Lobster, an easy choice any time of day!


The best adventures are human. The story of LOBSTA starts with Fabien Bonnaud in New York. By chance, he ordered a lobster roll, wondering what it could be.
For a Frenchman, the idea of serving warm lobster in a toasted and buttered hot-dog bun was quite original – lobster was supposed to be a food for special occasions and Michelin-starred restaurants.
From the first bite, the taste and the sensations had him convinced – France and Europe needed lobsters rolls!
With the friendship between Fabien Bonnaud and Arnaud Cardinali, a talented chef who now manages the brand’s kitchens, the rest was history.

The lobster roll has been a famous dish in North America for over 100 years, from Connecticut to Nova Scotia.
At LOBSTA, this means lobster meat served in a handmade brioche bun, toasted and buttered with Isigny butter from Normandy.
It comes in the classic form or in unique variations, in salads or on open-faced sandwiches, depending on the chef’s inspiration: LOBSTA means lobster, street-food style: an authentic moment of delight at any time of day.

With over 22,500 lobsters served in 2019 and the opening of our 3rd and 4th restaurants in 2020, LOBSTA is growing rapidly.

LOBSTA is a celebration of the essentials: a selection of high-quality ingredients.

Chef Arnaud Cardinali has developed an authentic cuisine over more than ten years of experience at the Aphrodite, the Sheraton Elysée Palace, the Fairmont Monte Carlo, Le Méridien and the Vin sur Vin.

The LOBSTA team offers unique lobster rolls à la française, with a touch of local cuisine. Savor a moment of simple pleasure in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Take a bite of a lobster roll from LOBSTA – it’s unforgettable!